Keynote Session

We are geared to take on and provide "Keynote Sessions" which are delivered at the start or end of National & International Conferences, Seminars, Dealer / Channel partner meets, Award ceremonies, Recognition programs, Target settings meets, Performance review meets, Product launches & promotions, high profile corporate events etc.


  • To set a positive tone and environment for the event / conference planned
  • Help set a theme message for the event / conference
  • Create enthusiasm and involvement during the event
  • To enhance motivational levels amongst attendees
  • To inspire team members to meet event objective / business targets
  • Enhance levels of commitment, post the event


  • Hourly slots, (as per event requirement) but generally one day or half day session

Approach & Techniques:

  • Delivered through a pre decided main theme selected by the client
  • Battery of tools used: Gripping video clippings, Livewire speeches & Inspiring stories
  • Theme song used to create lasting impression and help high recall of theme message over a protracted period of time
  • Delivered by renowned specialist with vast & specialized experience
  • Fun filled and enjoyable management activities related to the theme
  • Healthy blend of fun along with serious managerial messages to suit the client's need & occasion

Content Theme

The objective of motivating participants is supported by a main theme which is agreed with the client, based on suitability of the occasion and overall message intended to be delivered at the event. A list of interesting and varied themes is available with us and can be provided to our client, in line with the end objective of the event.

If the client opts for managerial activities to be included in the Keynote Session, it can be supported by any one or more specific messages. A list of such varied messages is available with us and can be provided to our client.