As you would have read, our vision is to be a service provider of International standards with a mission of helping human resources to reach their respective goals and meet their career aspirations.

Hence, we are constantly on the search for qualified resources with relevant experience in their area of expertise, to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. At a very minimum, we expect potential aspirants to have excellent communication skills, without any compromise on this count. Aspirants must have good interpersonal skills with a flair for building training content and delivering 'experiential' programs, since this is our USP. We are also open to considering Junior level resources to assist Senior Trainers for longer duration interventions.

All short-listed resources need to be accredited by us before being entrusted with training programs for our clients.

We are committed to attracting and developing resources who have a passion & commitment toward providing world class training programs.

If you share a similar vision and dream and are looking out for opportunities in the following areas of Learning & Development,
do get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Independent charge trainers - Post accreditation

  • Communication Programs - These include oral (telephonic & face to face) and written (email, letters, reports & business case related) communication
  • Sales Management Programs - Planning & execution of the Sales process, motivation of Sales personnel
  • Service Excellence Programs
  • Leadership Development Programs

Support trainers - Preparing for independent charge

  • Team Building Off-Site
  • Keynote Sessions

Trainers aspiring for 2 above, must be willing to travel across the country, based on client's needs. Must be young, vibrant and corporate presentable, with potential for future growth.


Senior level & Junior level consultants in the field of HR Management and Retail Credit.


We are happy to work with reputed Recruitment & Placement companies (who have no training related offerings) to our mutual benefit since we see an opportunity of providing end to end services to our valued clients.