Team Building Off-Site


  • To help team members bond together as a team and improve working relationship amongst team members at the work place
  • To enhance motivational levels amongst team members
  • To inspire team members to take on challenging targets as an individual and / or as a collective group
  • Enhance levels of commitment for achieving corporate goals
  • Develop leadership skills at various levels
  • Such team building events are sometimes organized as a reward / incentive to staff since it would be a "day away" from work but also achieves a learning objective in the process

Training Duration:

  • Ideally run over an 8 to 16 hour period which includes various outdoor activities, leading to learning through structured activities
  • Can be customized to run over a 4 hour period with selected management aspects based on needs of the institution
  • 8 to 16 hours training can be spread over 1 or 2 full days
  • Such team building off-sites are best held at a venue away from the routine work place

Approach & Techniques:

  • Conducted by specialists only
  • Practical hands on, fun filled and enjoyable management activities followed by a debrief to bring out the learning aspects. Alternatively, the activities could be organized without a debrief, if the intent is to exclusively create a fun environment
  • Managerial activities are aimed at delivering one or more specific messages agreed with the client. A list of such varied, interesting & useful messages is available with us and can be provided to our client