Workshops & Training Programs


We deliver a range of 'Open house' workshops which can be used by
our clients to sponsor participants for the same.
In addition, these 'Open house' workshops can also be customized
and delivered exclusively for a corporate, to cater to identified needs.

  • Powerful Speaking & Leadership Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Service Excellence
  • Effective Salesmanship
  • Leadership Development
  • Induction: Campus to Corporate & Lateral Recruits

Powerful Speaking & Leadership Development...for Corporate Success


  • Develop the art of speaking convincingly, confidently & effectively with internal & external customers, peer groups and superiors
  • Learn the art of thinking & speaking on your feet - impromptu
  • Develop leadership skills to take on greater responsibilities
  • Present yourself with greater confidence & enhance self image & image of the organization

Training Duration:

  • Ideally delivered over a 24-hour training period which includes various practical exercises and structured activities
  • Can be customized to be delivered over a 16-hour period (Learning content remains unchanged but practice sessions reduced)
  • 24-hour or 16-hour training can be spread over sessions of 4 / 8 hours each, held once / twice weekly

Approach & Techniques:

  • Practical hands on exposure through live simulated environment for best results
  • Sharing of valuable tips for effective and convincing oral communication while selling a product or an idea or one to one interactions with peers or superiors
  • Application of tips in a live environment with instant feedback
  • Management activities to develop leadership skills
  • Conducted by specialists only


Powerful Speaking aspects generally covered

  • Speech Structure
  • Speech Objective
  • Gestures & Body Language
  • Voice Modulation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speech Conviction
  • Speech Inspiration
  • Tips on Impromptu speaking

Leadership Development Skills generally covered

  • Interpersonal
  • Listening
  • Organizing
  • Planning & Execution
  • Providing Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Mentoring
  • Delegation
  • Contingency Planning

(Emphasis is placed on aspects based on customer needs identified)

Please Note:

This program is delivered as an "open house program" or an exclusive dedicated program for a corporate / specific audience. It can also be delivered to include only the "Powerful Speaking" module OR only the "Leadership Development" module.

Test Module - Powerful Speaking & Leadership Development

We also provide "Test Modules" of about 3.5 hours in order to help our clients to understand the approach and techniques used by us. Such modules generally serve as a precursor to the main fully fledged program.
Test modules are generally advocated to test the efficacy of the program. However, they also help in delivering the learning objective since valuable tips are also shared for such sessions. Test modules generally cover 1 aspect of Powerful Speaking and 1 aspect of Leadership Development.